Ana Maria Nava|Venezuela

Manchas en la Pared. Woven Bullseye Fused and Steel Wires

Manchas en la Pared. Woven Bullseye Fused and Steel Wires

Linked elements are present all around us, in nature, in our own bodies, in manmade environments, across the universe.

Ana Maria Nava has been investigating linked structures and wefts, since 1999 using fused glass as an element that woven in a certain way forms entire universes of color and light. Each element has its own “DNA”, it’s individuality, own they form a whole that belongs together. Her pieces become delicate yet strong glass textiles that float in space.

The artist is taken by the nature of glass, about her meshes she says:

“I am intrigued with the idea of making glass textiles with a material that is supposed to be fragile, delicate, rigid. Glass, when transformed into a mesh becomes strong and flexible at the same time.  This contradiction is very appealing. Taking over space with the meshes in different ways is part of my research along with playing with light and color.

When light passes through glass it hits the surroundings colonizing them, the different shapes that take the weavings when displayed in one way or another is an aspect of the investigation: versatility, flexibility and volume. The aesthetic and spatial possibilities are endless.

Intense color and light have always been part of everyday life. I am drawn to explore them.

In other pieces, the liquid structures, I look for fluidity, the movement of water, the trace that it leaves on it’s way. It remains frozen within the glass volume, appearing to keep on moving. I get another contradiction: Static Movement.

My Childhood was surrounded by water, by a lake. This experience has left a deep mark in me, many times, I found myself reproducing water, currents, dunes….

Organic structures are also part of my investigation, in a way they are an evolution of the mesh where the static movement appears again.

I often find myself thinking: What If?

For Ana Maria, Glass, beyond its qualities has become a medium to experiment in very contemporary pieces.


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