Curatorial Program

Curatorial Program

Contemporary Art Projects USA has been including the curator in all of its events and exhibitions – one of its main initiatives being the creation of a program geared at providing curatorial assistance.

The Curatorial Program lasts one year (renewable). It is suitable to all artists, as it will adapt to the artist experience, art knowledge, and career goals.

To mark the interaction between artist and curator the Program makes emphasis on 3 general elements:




Artist and curator will examine and point out the sources of inspiration and main goals, either for an individual artwork, or for one particular series, or for the overall of the artist’s body of work, preexisting and/or to be created during the Curatorial Program. The Curator will use a straight forward critical method to reach positive action, uplifting changes or improvements, as well as a direct interaction between message, communication, visual creation and exhibition feasibility of the art, also taking in consideration sales possibility for diverse scenarios. To implement the thought that each artist is unique and will create its own niche in the Art World, the Curatorial program will be tailored individually for each artist, according to the Curator’s opinion for optimizing each artist fundamental and more important drive. Our lemma, is:Contemporary Art Projects USA, where Emerging and Career Artists become Famous.”

Mariavelia Savino, Chief Curator of Contemporary Art Projects USA




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