Maria Fernanda Lairet | Venezuela

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Degree in Graphic from Design Design Institute of Caracas in 1987.Throughout his career plastic has ventured into graphic design, drawing, photography and painting, working without limitations disciplines and combines to result in amazing pieces by the use of the support and the mixture of techniques. During the eighties begins its exhibition activity, when performed inside the framed pieces and a paint abstract expressionism with strong gestural domain in which, in the words of the artist, “(…) only care about the supreme act of painting”. Currently the artist performs a more reflective and conceptual work through to check the coin paper money in particular, of different denominations and nationalities, which let on topics of current political, economic and social, by using digital printing on sheets of Plexiglas. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in universities, galleries, biennials, fairs and exhibitions, both in Venezuela and abroad. fairs where he has shown his most recent work, Global Narratives and photographs intervened. One of her last exhibitions took place at the Georgian National Museum called “PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM II”

BRIC Brasil Rusia India China - 2010 18"  x 71"  Impresión gráfica sobre acrílico transparente con grabación láser incolora

BRIC Brasil Rusia India China – 2010
18″ x 71″ Impresión gráfica sobre acrílico transparente con grabación láser incolora

Art Palm Beach 2015 Photos by Leticia del Monte-2

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Nudity. Series Bolivia

Nudity. Series Bolivia

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