Kesef.Mixed Media. 44″ x 44″

Amber Warren, an American artist based in New York, NY, draws inspiration from her passion for travels, music, fashion and personal growth. As a Visual Artist Amber enjoys to work in several media, also experimenting with texture and color to create multidimensional pieces. Following the arrival of prints, photography and video artist express their feelings through Abstractionism based on composing colors, shapes and forms to obtain an artistic purpose by representing real or non-real objects, pure abstract space or surface, newly created shapes interacting in endless combinations to achieve new meanings, including to distort subject-matter, obtaining artworks not entirely figurative, nor abstract. As we can see in the unique and exquisite Artworks by Amber Warren, this Artists has a variety of themes and styles included in the path of Abstraction, as well as in the depiction of organic themes. Using either one only or a sophisticated palette of colors, Amber employs diverse materials like resin, modeling paste, metals, and paper to create dimensional abstract artworks. Drawing her subject matter from nature or current events, often incorporating found objects into her pictures, her compositions are richly textured and boldly gestural. Abstract Art doesn’t represent things pictorially, it expresses the artist’s ideas or sensations through simplified or invented forms as you contemplate in the unique Artworks by Amber Warren. She pushes the boundaries of two-dimensional painting with nonrepresentational works. The pigments and materials layering create physical and psychological depth. At the beginning of Abstraction, in Munich, Paris, and Moscow, the Dutch master Piet Mondrian, 1872-1944, and the Russian master Kasimir Malevich, 1878-1935, created art without the object, just with color or drawing, expressing only the essential. Amber Warren masterly demonstrates it today with her impressive Art depictions.

Abstract Expressionism was the first American movement to win international recognition, with Chromatic Abstractionists and Action Painters. By 1950, a vanguard of varied styles, the New York School, introduced Abstract Expressionism. New York Greenwich Village embraced this artistic community that enclosed artists Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Hans Hoffman, and Arshile Gorky, joined by American born artists like Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956. Artists radical Abstract styles promoted two ideas: spontaneous concept and dramatic changes on the scale.
Amber Warren says: “My goal is to be creative every day. Whether it’s making dinner for friends, creating a beautiful piece of art, or dancing to a full moon; that is what feeds my soul… I’ve always had a fascination for textures, whether they are formed naturally outside or intricately woven in textiles. My goal is to bring layers and depth to my artwork so there is always an interest for the wandering eye.”
Amber Warren exquisite Art is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States. Represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Amber Warren exhibited at Art Santa Fe 2018, and in the group show Pre-Art Basel Miami Week: ART from Our Earth, the Sea and the Sky at the ArtsPark Gallery of the City of Hollywood, FL, and during Art Basel Miami week. In Art Wynwood 2019, Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth, one of her remarkable Artwork, entitled Kesef, mixed media of 44″ x 44” are a unique discovery and a great attraction for Art Collectors and viewers at the Art Fair.