Ode to O’K 1, Ode to O’K 2. Metallic C-Print. Mounted on Plexiglass.24” x 48”

Anrika Rupp, born in New York, lives in Miami and Caracas, Venezuela. A Columbia University School of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, she also studied Communications Design at Parsons School of Design, New York. Exhibited at European or American fairs, galleries and institutions, her Art is in collections worldwide. Anrika merges Art with Science. In mathematics, a permutation arranges members of a set in sequence or order. Rupp studied the phenomena moving forward to create a trademark for her own Phermutations program. She says: “Atoms interact without divulging the secret of what we call life and why certain combinations result in a living being and others a rock… A small variation can lead to an entirely different result. But, is always coherent and harmonious, often aesthetically beautiful. Using one or more photographs to represent particles, I combine, reorder, create Phermutations (photographic permutations) of the original combining all in one image. The first permutation has a different visual effect, as the image grows according to pre-established rules that vary for different images you must move away from it to see an entirely different picture the seed image could not predict. Nature’s randomness, source of all mutations, is also somewhat represented.” A star piece by Anrika Rupp for Art Santa Fe is the Phermutation Ode to O’K celebrating master artist Georgia O’ Keeffe (1887–1986). Anrika creates a ‘fusion’ from O’ Keeffe’s Art represented by a Cayenne flower photo, manipulated to look as if it was painted by the master, with a photograph by Anrika Rupp of a New York City building, joining two key images of O’ Keeffe’s life, who studied and painted in New York, later moving to New Mexico. Rupp’s viewers travel on a romantic Phermutation from the urban skyscrapers of Manhattan, New York, to the flowers and landscapes of New Mexico.