Galaxy in a Box #15. Galaxy or N-or-Nebula-Quasar-or-Pulsar.-13-x-20-x-13-inches.-Mixed-Media-with-Led-Stripts.jpg

Anrika Rupp says on her Series Galaxies in a Box: “I stand before nature asking: why?… I observe and look for patterns, symmetry; a tendency product of our evolution. With their resolution range, our eyes see certain sizes. Developing tools to see what is larger or smaller, we observe patterns and repetitions within scales emulating other scales. Few simple rules create all that we see in nature’s design, efficiency, and scalability. In my studies, spheres arise persistently. Viruses are spherical as planets, moons, and, most celestial bodies. My latest series of spherical objects is inspired by the space wanderers documented by the Hubble Space telescope. Those impressive orbs floating in the vastness of space – some cold and quiet, others a furnace of atomic fusion – all together inspire awe, longing, and infinite loneliness in me. The pull they exert on my imagination fuels my drive to search for understanding, inspiring me to find the origin of the sense of identity that the vastness of outer space and the atomic world create in me.”