Art & Beyond Publications, published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc. established in 2003. Mila Ryk is a founder and publisher of Art & Beyond Magazine (Online and Printed version) and Living Artists of Today: Contemporary Art book.

Art & Beyond Magazine is the bridge between artists and the global art world. It is a an essential marketing and promotional tool every artist needs to have when exhibiting their work, whether at art shows, art expos, or small exhibitions.

Art & Beyond Online brings artists artwork to numerous Gallery Directors and Owners, Museums and Art Consultants by email Newsletters, PR and social media. Artists are given the extraordinary opportunity to be published in this bi-monthly online version of the Art & Beyond Magazine. Art & Beyond Magazine published 6 times a year and mailed to galleries, museums and art consultants for promote published artists.

For more information about Art & Beyond Publication and the Purchase of the Magazines, Please visit their web site at http://www.artandbeyondpublications.com/