Art Lab 2|Art Through the Lens of a Child|Kelly Fischer|Curator Silvia Medina|Sponsored by Santa Fe Children’s Museum

Mural created in Wood Pieces. 16 individual pieces

Mural created in Wood Pieces. 16 individual pieces

The Santa Fe Children’s Museum will partner with Art Santa Fe 2016   as well as promote the Art Lab 2 and the fair to their visitors and through their social media circles. This exciting project – coordinated by Linda Mariano, and curated by Silvia Medina – will take place each day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2 p.m. during the duration of the Fair.

Award-Winning Author, Kelly Fischer, has created and adapted a special lab project for Art Santa Fe 2016 titled: “Art through the Lens of a Child”; which derives from her beautifully illustrated children’s book: “The Most Beautiful Color of All”. The goal of the project is focused on actively involving children through the language of art, as well as to stimulate them; both verbally and visually, and guide and aid them in understanding and identifying images. The children will be interacting with a movable wooden puzzle, designed by Kelly, made up of 16 semi-abstract illustrations that correlate with “The Most Beautiful Color of All”.

The Most Beautiful Color of All

The Most Beautiful Color of All

The artist has explained to us how the project will be executed:

“I will read my award-winning book, “The Most Beautiful Color of All”, briefly explain to the children the role of an author and an illustrator – employing the original artwork as a demonstration tool to show them how the characters and the story line are developed. Then the children will be invited to, as a group, create and design a mural made up of various illustrations using their own analysis. The ideas will be developed or scaled back according to the children’s ages. SCRIBBLING WILL BE ALLOWED.

The expected outcome of the project is to generate a blending of ideas and interactive cooperation from the children in order to render one giant mural that represents their collective visual interpretation of “The Most Beautiful Color of All”.

How do you feel about to, once again, be painting live at the fair as you have been doing in the previous ones? As a trained Montessori teacher and the founder and former Headmistress of the English Montessori School of Bern, Switzerland, I really enjoy each opportunity I have to teach and interact with children; as I will be doing with the mural.

This amazing Switzerland-based visual artist – represented by Miami based Contemporary Art Projects USA – is the Invited Artist at Contemporary Art Project USA’s Booth #145 at Art Santa Fe 2016. Kelly invites fair goers to stop by the booth to view her work – as well as each day as she creates the mural with the children.

This Special Project has been sponsored by Santa Fe Children’s Museum and the collaboration of Linda Mariano, Director of Marketing, Redwood Media Group.


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