Crowning the Santa Fe Art Week celebration, Art Santa Fe—Santa Fe’s only contemporary fine-art fair—brings collectors and art fans from around the country from July 15-17 to enjoy a dizzying array of exhibits, installations, art talks, and live artwork demonstrations. More than sixty national and international galleries showcase hundreds of artists and their work.

“Our goal is to present the expansion of the human mind through Art, as an unlimited source of imagery, depictions, thoughts, and feelings, endless and infinite, as it is the Universe in which we live, either the real one, or the one fulfilled by the magical visions that artists create while depicting it” said Tata Fernandez, Director of the gallery.

The gallery will be debut exhibiting Textile Art with Special Installation expressing the vast differences that are possible when dealing with fabric, thread and yarn called “Intertwining Expressions of Life” presented at the lobby of the fair and at the booth by Andre P. Croteau. 

The Spotlight of the booth located at the entrance is Invited Artist Zammy Migdal/Israel-USA with a special installation called “Orange De Vu” and his first exhibition of work on canvas at Art Santa Fe.  It will be a special cocktail-signing book by Zammy Migdal with his new released book called “Zammy Migdal, sculptor/escultor by Zammy Migdal/Denys Matos.

The Booth will have a special tribute to masters, Rachel Daly/UK-Italy-Special Tribute to Georgia O’Keeffe and Ricardo Lowenberg/Mexico to Frida Kahlo. 

Among other artists are established emerging artists Michele V Utley Voigt/USA, Patrizia Casagranda/Germany, Leo Di Tomaso/Italy-USA, Fabio Mesa/Colombia, Diana Vurnbrand/Peru-USA, Wuilfredo Soto/Venezuela, and Gregg Emery/USA.

Debuting with Contemporary Art Projects USA will have Chadwick Arcinue/Filipinas-USA with his Chadwick Concept and Evangeline Ang/Singapore; Lucienne Toledo/Peru-USA, Arnold Miranda/Cuba-USA, Betiana Bradas/Argentina, C. Ruksenas Burton/Australia-USA, Dale Reid/Canada, Rosaria Vigorito/Italy-USA, Tatiana Zaytseva/Russia-USA, and Nakamura Tomotsugu from Japan.

Enjoy complimentary tickets at this link: Special Link to VIP Tickets. 

We look forward to seeing you at Art Santa Fe 2022!