“Only Artists who complied  with the Theme of the Exhibition are allow to be shown at the HD Monitor”…The Jury selected very careful this category as well”.

Alexander Berdysheff Terra I
Anna Galassini Cosmic Connection
Arrachme Art Invisible Sea
Atousa Raissyan Universe Inside
Beth Carter Bell My Home Address Is The Universe
Betty Newman Loco Lotus
Bill Snyder Cosmic Sampler
Bruce Pollock Meristem 3
Carolina Ruiz Contemplation of the Universe
Cesar Aguilera In Our Hands
Christian Perez de Carvajal Star Maker 3 All Connected
Daniel Fiorda The Man in the Moon
Elizabeth Baez Helix
Eskild Beck Traveling Between Different Universes, All Day Long
Eva Rimsky Balance Cosmic Connection
Francisco Jose Pia Izquierdo The Cosmic Connection Perception
Gary Johnson Jr Tremet
Jason Woodberry Icarus
Jennifer Brewer Stone Fire of Night
Jill Schwartz Empower
Juliana Ferreyros Flow
Lennette Newell Cosmic Definition
Luis Edel Wave of Fury
Luisa Mesa Moving Up
Marina Malvada Kisses of the Stars
Marvin Gralnick We are not Alone
Michael Miner Atmospheres
Mimi Botscheller Passing Through Time Again
Naz Shahrokh We’re all Connected
Ninel R. Miaja Men Universe
Orlando Castro Cosmica
Peter Treiber Ethereal Luminescence 27101
Philip Gleason Trip To the Mini Bar
Pilar Benitez Ice
Rameses Jones Inner Space
Rossana Kelton Pioneer men and aliens
Roy Clark Living Waters
Sergio Cervantes Thinker
Simona Petrauskaite If I would be a Star
Stephen` Poling Within Without
Tashi Norbu Indonesia
Traci Shipley Alien Autopsy
Wendy Figg Water Dragon
William Villanueva Inner Birth
Winifred Helton-Harmon Miami Spirits 2
Young Kearton Space Between 2
Yulia Altas Memorial, September 11