Art + Light Santa Fe. Acrylic and Stain on Wood Panel on Back with Led Light. 23″ x 23″

Cari Cohen born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently develops her successful career as a visual artist from her studio in North Miami Beach, FL. Cari Cohen obtained a degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and also specialized in multimedia design and photography. She began her career in architecture and interior design in Buenos Aires, where she established her own Design firm and created projects for companies such as Coca-Cola, Colgate, and Bayer. To follow her passion for Visual Art she studied art history, also attending classes and workshops as painter and illustrator in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the best available teachers on the field. Later when she relocated to the United States, Cari Cohen decided to dedicate to her true vocation of creating Art and enrolled in workshops at both, Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University, where she completed her expertise as a contemporary painter, as well as she attended Jewelry classes on which she was able to study a variety of techniques for working with a diversity of metals. During the years, Cari Cohen has largely exhibited her works in Art Fairs, relevant galleries and private or public institutions, such as Citibank, where she has works permanently displayed in two of its branches in Aventura and Bal Harbour, both in Florida. Her artistic career also includes teaching adults and children in abstract art, mixed media, or jewelry making. From 2016, Cari is also a Certified Art Teacher for Golden.

Art + Light Series Illusion. Mixed Media on Wood, Wood Panel on Back with Led Light. 28″ x 28″

From her beginnings Cari Cohen has developed her talent as an abstract painter on canvas using a variety of colors and shapes, evolving during the years to new shapes and artistic proposals that have become every day more geometric and pure, like her new series made on wood, created as wall paintings as well as sculptures. Cari Cohen new works are just amazing, they are real traffic stoppers, as she has masterly added a new element “the light” on her unique and pure abstract/geometric Artworks. Now, she has arrived at a new space dimension that not only is three-dimensional. With the inclusion of the light, she has also created a new visual intensity that makes her viewers feel as if they had reached a new galaxy in the infinite space. But, there is much more!!! It is very important to see the technology of how experienced artists resolve and address new paths in their creative proposals and for the best presentation of their Artworks. And here, there is a great and important point to consider, on how Cari Cohen solved in a uniquely innovative and practical way the lighting and hanging of her new Artworks, by creating a very easy to install and maintain box that contains the source of light for the Artworks and is at the same time the element on which the artwork will be firmly suspended for display on the wall. To install you only need a level and two or three screws. No cables or plugs are needed, because Cari Cohen, using her professional knowledge as an architect and interior designer, has created each box as a self-sufficient device that to project the light only needs regular affordable alkaline batteries that can easily be found in a store or online. Cari Cohen’s new series of Artworks is just a miracle of beauty, elegance, balance, design, and technology.
Represented at Art Santa Fe 2019, by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Visual Artist Cari Cohen will exhibit for the first time her unique and exquisite new series of abstract/geometric Artworks, made as paintings on wood with inserted light. We are sure that because their original innovative visual impact they will be of great interest for the Art Collectors and visitors at the Fair.

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