Liberty at the City. Acrylic on Canvas. 72″ x 48″

Chris Delias was born and lives in Vienna, Austria. New York City, especially Manhattan, is central to many of his paintings. Delias follows the North European Expressionist artistic schools, cleverly transporting to our time the need of communicating through meaningful art, portray everyday facts, society issues, fashions or people with strong expression, colorful, natural and unforgettable. He is inspired by Cell-phones as cameras to take selfies to post in Social Media; branding; street signs; digital
’emojis’ to shorten language, to express with one image what we feel or think on anything happening in our life, making communicating universal to anybody, no matter location or language
A worldwide frequent traveler, he says about his Art and inspiration:”My art depicts emotions in a way you can’t find in our digitalized society. My spotlight is on the beauty of humanity and the dynamics of an urban landscape, my first priorities are emotions, love, music, harmony, and places where people
gather. Nevertheless, not only the sunny side of the world is represented in my art: people don’t just love one another, they also hate and fight, they lose, feel intense pain, experience crushing war and destruction, all is part of human interaction. To create an impact, my work doesn’t show reality 1:1, because the colors, proportions, and poses I use are reflective of my emotions and feelings during each particular painting process. It is an interactive realism process between my soul, the theme depicted, the
model or persons and the canvas. My art is a projection of the reality to my soul.”

The Art by Chris Delias is in international private and public collections. Presented in 2017 by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Delias exhibited at Art Santa Fe, NM; in the group show “Variations on the same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry” at the ArtsPark Gallery of the City of Hollywood, FL; in the Solo Exhibition #City Life at MDC West Campus Gallery, Doral, FL. In 2018, Delias participated at Art Palm Beach, FL; Art Santa Fe, NM; in the group show “Pre-Art Basel Miami week: ART from Our Earth,
the Sea and the Sky” at the ArtsPark Gallery of the City of Hollywood, FL, and at Scope Miami during Art Basel Miami week. For Wynwood Art Fair he created a painting entitled Liberty at The City of the widely celebrated Liberty sculpture of Manhattan, a view that is a major attraction, in which small details point out hidden values of light, shadows, street, buildings’ volumes and familiar views, like NY City lights and signs. To give the final touches to this Artwork, Delias traveled from Vienna to New York. On this
exquisite and attractive 72″ x 48” acrylic on canvas painting, Artist Chris Delias monumentalizes his depiction giving an impacting view of the obvious, as well as of the unknown.