We will be bringing back our highly acclaimed signature programming for another exciting year. The New Red Dot 2017 attendees can look forward to a dynamic lineup of galleries and events.

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During Red Dot Miami 2017, many of Contemporary Art Projects’ artists will host Meet the Artist events.

Meet Spanish-German artist Daniel Marin. One look at his artwork and you’ll see the influence of his years as a graphic designer as well as his accomplishments as a jewelry designer, each increasing the foundation of his true passion: painting.

Ana Maria Nava has been intrigued by textiles for many years and translates her investigation into intricate glass interpretations. Come meet Nava and explore the multifaceted installation titled Aguazules.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Ricardo Cárdenas, a successful emerging Mexican artist whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Beginning as a construction engineer, Cárdenas expresses his past experience and appreciation of materials, along with his feelings and beliefs, by connecting his art in both his medium and techniques.

Upon first glance, you see the depth of the narrative in each of Marielle Plaisir’s exquisite tapestries and unique paintings. Meet Plaisir and hear her story, her influences, and inspirations.

Take one look at Venezuelan artist Hugo Diaz’s art and you’ll see immediately the influence of his degree in computer engineering. Each work is intricately created to engage the viewer with its energy and movement.