Cristian Coo is a Chilean Artist. To intensify and make deeper his contemporary artistic work, he has set up his workshop on the shores of Lake Rapel, Chile, where the proximity to nature and the experience of sailing, will enhance his artistic creation. After a successful career in the business world, Coo decided to fully dedicate his talent to his creative artistic vocation. His path has been driven by research and experimentation around a theme that constantly interest him: energy as a luminous, immaterial and cosmic phenomenon. Following his main inspiration, he attended programs at the Catholic University of Chile School of Art, where he deepened his knowledge on color, drawing, and mixed techniques, also participating in important workshops by renowned Chilean artists. There, he focused his expertise on acrylic and oil painting on canvas, in order to develop his Art around a defined tendency of Abstract Expressionism. Later, he addressed new experimentation ways, through the introduction of digital techniques and the incursion into volumetric installations, which constitute the main expression of his present Artworks, inspired by concepts of Geometric Abstraction, where color and energy of light are the protagonists. Coo says: “My proposal relies on energy, where color and spatiality are key elements to the manifestation of light, which, in contact with ethereal bodies, as those that characterize my work, reveals itself, leaving at sight the deep counterpoint between its essential immateriality and its vital energy. Thus, arise subtle worlds that are manifested through the superposition of geometric forms, color, and light, from where also flows three-dimensionality illusion. The purpose of my work is to generate personal experiences that impact in a unique way to each spectator.” His abstract interpretation of movement, life, beauty, and space, is a unique, balanced evidence for extremely well-conceived compositions. Coo’s oeuvre is unique by technique and construction. As a curator lover of Geometric Art, I feel his Art as idyllic, attractive and imposing, no matter its size or color. Cristian Coo has participated in relevant exhibitions at Santiago de Chile and in the USA. Recently, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA he exhibited during Art Basel Miami Week 2017.