Moment/Anda I. Mixed Media on Plexiglass Board. 24″ x 39″

Deniz Orkuş currently lives and works in Istanbul, where she was born. In 1989 Deniz graduated at the Painting Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University, completing in 1992 her Master′s degree. Since then, she has created her artworks using the collage technique. Her works can be seen in many private collections. She has been the instructor for high school and college students to improve their portfolios for art, design and architecture degrees, also working for universities abroad at D&D Art and Design Studio since 1990. She is one of the founders of the Fashion and Textiles major in Istanbul Ticaret University and worked as a tutor there between 2002-2009. She established the textile brand Basement Atelier designing handbags and clutches. At present, she continues to study in Istanbul.
Contemporary Artist Deniz Orkuş recently has said: “Since the early 1980s, my work has involved the creations which are mainly based on recycling. I have taken the theme to recycle not only as a material but also as conceptually to put an emphasis on the vicious circle of socio-economic and historical events on the present day. I am questioning the material and consequently the event of dimension which develops in relation with the surface. I construct my works in layouts as a stage setting, then I combine them as 30 layers on a surface. I commonly use marking, focusing and signing as the indicators of my thoughts. I have shaped my last period works with mixed materials and I am leading the spectator to think more by intelligence and reasoning concepts in much more inherent way. I do not let the content impress the form of my works, when I am influenced from the society that I live in, assemble data and visuals, I collect from it and reflect on my pieces. I organize the layers in a plastic structure and construct the values that lived in and different time periods consecutively in each layer. In this way, timeless works come into being which can be worked over and over again.”

Moment/Anda II. Mixed Media on Plexiglass board. 24″ x 39″

Deniz Orkuş has widely and very successfully exhibited her unique artworks at Solo Exhibitions: in 2016, at Nisart Macka Gallery, Istanbul ; 2014, Kollektif House, Istanbul; 2010, Gallery Binyil, Istanbul; 2009, Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul; 2007, at Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul and at Paris Parsons University’s Gallery, France; 1998 and 1995, at Kare Art Gallery,İstanbul; 1991, Zebra Art Gallery ,İstanbul; and 1993, at Sanatbank Gallery, İstanbul. She has also participated in relevant Group Exhibitions: in 2019, at SCOPE, New York; 2018, at Istanbul Art Show and at Contemporary Istanbul; 2017, at SCOPE, Basel, Switzerland, and SCOPE, Miami, FL; 2016, during Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL, and at Nisart Gallery, Istanbul; 2015, at the London Art Biennale, at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NY, NY, and at Nisart Gallery, Miami, FL; 2014, at Art Antwerp Expo, mix-Gallery Binyıl and at Art Athina Contemporary Fair, Greece, mix- Gallery Binyıl; 2013, at the Chianciano Biennale, Italy- Leonard Awards European Confederation of Art Critics 1 Price; 2012, at Chianciano Biennale, Italy; 2009, 2008 and 2007, at Contemporary art fair İst-Gallery Binyıl-mix; 2006, at İstanbul Art Fair and at Artist art fair İst-Gallery Binyıl with Volkan Diyaroğlu; 2000, at 4 Young artist, Gallery Binyıl; 1997, at Kare art gallery; 1996, at Masters and Youngs, Baraz gallery, and at Young artists, Almelek art gallery. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Art Santa Fe 2019, NM, Deniz Orkuş shows three unique artworks made as collage, painting and mixed media on wooden board and plastic that will create a great attraction for the Art Collectors and viewers attending the Art Fair.

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