Miami, April 2, 2019- Miami Dade College’s (MDC) West Campus presents Manuel Pérez’s exhibition, Different for Good, in collaboration with Contemporary Art Projects USA, opening Thursday, April 18, at 11:30 a.m., on display through Wednesday, July 3. The event is free and open to the public.

The Different for Good exhibition includes five installations, one artwork entitled The Four Elements, two self-standing sculptures, a Roman Warrior Guardian and a Chinese Warrior Guardian, both masterly made as dark brown ceramic pieces.

The five installations are: 1) the series Retro Women consisting of five women framed portraits; 2) the series Ode to the Intelligence presenting fifty ceramic matches all with a red topless one that is yellow to point out the spark that makes an individual shine for good; 3) the series Tribute to Guernica in which the Artist, while reinterpreting a set of nine images taken from the Picasso’s masterwork, makes them colorful and unique; 4) the series The Guernica that Picasso didn’t draw presents three pieces documented from the sketches that Picasso didn’t include in his Guernica; 5) the series Ode to the Gentleman includes a family and four men sculptures on pedestals, only one of them offering a flower. The display symbolizes humankind with its beauty and drama, from love to war, from destruction to redemption, declaring art as a path to illuminate and teach humanity towards peace and positive action. The exhibit address as a concept the idea to think positive to creatively build art and uplift life in every sense and field, from feelings to concrete action.

Pérez, born in Cuba, resides in Miami. He discovered his artistic talent early, becoming a self-made ceramic sculptor. Attracted by nature, geography, history, landscapes and architecture, he conceived his own new vision creating soft or colorful ceramics.  Some of his creations are full-bodied three-dimensional sculptures, others are flat elements. His art has developed, and his technology has been updated to reach top quality and uniqueness. As an established experienced artist represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Pérez exhibits his exquisite art at fairs or at private and public institutions. During Art Basel Miami Week 2018, he exhibited four unique busts inspired by art history, representing women from diverse locations in time and geography, as well as five colorful wall ceramic sculptures inspired in Pablo Picasso’s Guernica that Pérez reinterpreted as his own colorful individual pieces.