Stream of Counsciousness.Mixed Media

Stream of Counsciousness.Mixed Media

I’m interested in telling stories.   Stories and conversations about people I have encountered,   romantic relationships, and conversations with my inner self.   Stories make history.  I think its important to preserve our history.  Text is important in my work.  I have a love of handwriting.  Both my grandmothers had connections in this.  One grandmother had impeccable cursive handwriting.  The other writes the most beautiful letters full of imagination.  A lot of my works take the form of books because I find the book a metaphor for self or body.   Other pieces come in the form of small interiors.  I have been making light box constructions that contain small scenes revealing a story or experience.  In my larger installations and sculptures, use pieces of furniture to bring the idea of home or some kind of interior.  The furniture creates an atmosphere of comfort.  Every object drawn or used in the sculptures or installations has a specific meaning and function to the story.

My working process starts with an idea first.  I then do many sketches and often large scale drawings to bring my vision to life.  Depending on the concept, I chose various mediums to address my subject.   I use varied mediums because I believe the idea should dictate the medium in most cases.   In my sculptures, I look for objects that will tell my stories.  In my light box constructions, I manipulate furniture pieces to incorporate small interiors.  In the interiors every object is crafted.  In these interiors I’ve use in variety printmaking, paper sculpture, photography, and paint.  Text in my pieces come from many sources.  I’ve used typewriters, old letters, journals,   and vinyl letters.  The text incorporated is many times disguised in the interiors.

The techniques I use include using objects that have specific meaning.  I’ve used light box constructions to create small worlds that tell these stories.  Each view is a glimpse into an excerpt of life.  I  use furniture because I think it brings the idea of home or some interior.  It creates an atmosphere of comfort.

In resume I can say that when I create my piece of artwork I include the following:

  1. I should reflect my philosophy for approaching the creative task.
  2. I should identify conceptual, emotional, or social themes important in my work.
  3. Simple, direct, and eloquent.