Contemporary Art Projects  is currently expanding its exposure internationally to the  Asian Market. From September 5-7, 2014, we were selected to participate at Photo Shanghai 2014 with a Solo Show of Fu Wenjun, International Chinese Artist.

Photo Shanghai is the first international Art Fair dedicated to photography in Asia-Pacific. Photo Shanghai offers collectors of all levels and interests, a unique opportunity in China to explore the most exciting galleries from around the world which specialize in photography.
In addition to galleries showcasing vintage and contemporary photographs, Photo Shanghai will host world-class themed exhibitions in partnership with international curators.
Photo Shanghai will play host to WPO’s existing Photo Talk program  featuring a series of discussions that create a global discussion around the subject of photography.  Each Photo Talk is led by a high-profile panel of experts and encourages debate engaging a live and online audience, streamed through the web.

Fu Wenjun will be showcasing “Autumn in a Leaf”, conceptual photography printed on grass cloth.

Fu Wenjun, Autumn in a Leaf  No.9, 2014, grass cloth, 83cmx83cm

Autum in a Leaf No. 9, 2014, grass cloth, 83cm x 83cm

“Autumn in a Leaf”,  is the new artwork is filled with magnificent, spectacular and designed modern buildings. The cold lines, minimalist tones and airtight layout produce a constrained impression to the audience. The whole structures are placed on pierced leaves; the withered leaves without flesh and blood add a trace of sorrow to the picture. The industrialization and urbanization are global themes that every country should face, sooner or later. However, they have brought about the ecosystem irreversible big wounds. The construction of a building needs to damage a number of natural lives. If the world continues to develop in such an immoderate way, the destruction of the ecosystem and the extinction of the species will be the inevitable outcome.

For more information please visit: http://www.photoshanghai.org/galleries/