Landscaped Illusions curated by Mariavelia Savino, Curator of Contemporary Art Projects USA will be on display from December 4-9th, 2018 at  Scope-Miami International Contemporary Art Fair, Booth G13 as part of Art Basel Miami Week. Gary Traczyk, Sculptor, will be part of this exhibition which encompasses a diversity of artistic media and densities. From paint/collage on steel and cement canvas to urban street landscapes or three-dimensional views of skies, waters or topographical lands, from sculptures in polished steel or cement to dreamlike Plexiglas or glass mounted photographic images fulfilled by mystery and fantasy. Our goal is to present the expansion of the human mind through Art, as an unlimited source of imagery, depictions, thoughts and feelings, endless and infinite, as it is the Universe in which we live, either the real one, or the one fulfilled by the magical abstract visions that Artists create while depicting it. A section of the exhibition will relate its visitors with visions of graffiti and branding, including a subtle night view of Manhattan, New York, and a motivating tribute to Basquiat as one of the masters that mastered this genre so popular in NYC. The other section is about landscape and nature. The unique artistic pieces will travel from the deep sea to the infinite space, as well as by the wonder of the minimal transcending as major Art theme, and also by depictions of a fantastic world, where animal and human are able to merge, beyond pain or destruction.

Infinity.Stainless Steel. 84″ x 24″ x 24″

Gary Traczyk currently lives and work in Miami, FL, sharing his important activity in the Firefighters world with his outstanding career as a successful Visual Artist. Traczyk attended Miami’s New World School of the Arts and art classes at an international program in Italy, where he had resided before, for five years during childhood. Today, Gary Traczyk creates unique, lively and attractive, one of a kind mirror polished stainless steel sculptures that with their curved balanced arabesque shapes interact with their viewers, almost as if they were dancing with them. A precious remarkable goal in his successful career has been to donate some of his sculptures to health-related charities, like those fighting cancer, autism, and Parkinson’s disease, such as the Lupus Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Breast Cancer Awareness, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Young Arts (former National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts), Escondido Children’s Museum, Operation Smile, Baptist Hospital, Fisher Island Day School, Boys and Girls Club of Broward County and Miami Marathon. The Artist has also worked with the National Foundation for Advancement of the Arts and the Miami Children’s Museum. The Art and life of Gary Traczyk has been widely celebrated and published by the media, such as in Celebrated Living Magazine American Airlines 2015; ArtBlend Magazine Featured Artist 2015 and 2016; Art Daily News International; Castle Rock Entertainment “A Mighty Wind”; Miami Herald; Miami Herald “Neighbors”; NBC “I Am Miami” Campaign; NBC Featured Artist Miami Coconut Grove; Southwest Art Magazine; Palm Beach “Florida Weekly”; Malibu Times; Crafts Business Magazine; The Desert Sun; Bottom Line Magazine; and HGTV.

Gary Traczyk says about his creative process, which takes from eight to twelve weeks: “There are no molds… Nothing is drawn out. Each sculpture has its own personality… To create my sculptures I use marine grade stainless steel that is cut on a band saw. The metal is then ground down to smooth the edges. After this process, I sand the stainless steel from 50 to 400 grit and next buff it out with rouge. Then, I start to form the metal around organic objects and jigs that I previously created. When the metal reaches a form to my liking, I sand it out, polishing it again to achieve the mirror finish. The balances of my sculptures are strictly done on a trial and error basis. They are kinetic and move for several minutes with one touch. The pivoting point is a stainless steel bearing. I use geometric forms in space to interact with negative space, creating the movement of light and reflections of the surrounding area. My final product is timeless art pieces.”
During the years the Artist has participated in a variety of Exhibitions and Art Fairs, including SOFA Chicago, IL, Art Palm Beach, FL, Art San Diego, CA, Toronto Art Expo in Canada, Spectrum Miami and Art Concept 2016, FL. Recently he had an outstanding presence in Florida at RED DOT Art Fair 2017, as well as, in 2017 and 2018, at Art Palm Beach and Art Boca, FL. At Scope Art Fair 2018, in Miami, FL, Gary Traczyk, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, is presenting a one of a kind, interactive, steel mirror polished piece of a large size. Gary Traczyk exquisite and unique sculptures are part of important private and public collections in the USA and worldwide. by Mariavelia Savino, Curator, Contemporary Art Projects USA.

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Tuesday, December 4 | 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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