Contemporary Art Projects USA will exhibit about thirty national and international artists in the largest impressive curated booth at the RED DOT MIAMI Art Fair that takes place this year at Mana Convention Center in Wynwood. A significant number of important Galleries from around the world will offer an outstanding overview of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Gustavo Paris will exhibit within our Booth R103, located at the Main Entrance of the Fair and across from the VIP Cafe & Lounge Area,  displaying a variety of media and styles, from Abstract or Geometric to Figurative, from painting to photography, sculpture and ceramic installation. Due to the interesting themes approached by the Artists and the well-balanced curated conception for the presentation of meanings, shapes, and colors, the exhibition will be attractive and significant for the Art Fair visitors of any age and walk of life, as well as a ‘must see’ for the Art Collectors and all the Art Basel Miami Week viewers of this year.

Ascending in Space. 72″ x 60″. Acrylic on Canvas

Gustavo Paris, born in Venezuela, started Art Academy studies at an early age with artist Ildebrando Rossi. In 2001, he received a Visual Art Bachelor degree at the Cecilio Acosta Catholic University in Zulia state, Venezuela. From 2005-2010, he began there his career as Art professor, teaching painting, drawing, and graphic art language. From 2008-2016, Paris was a teacher at the Julio Arraga National School of Visual Arts and a full-time professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zulia, teaching painting and drawing from 2012. Paris has an extended resume as a successful exhibiting artist that includes shows in the US and varied cities worldwide. French thinker Roger Garaudy said: “Abstract painting is a form of metaphysical thinking or a mystical participation in the deep and mysterious reality of things.” Consequently, José Gregorio Noroño Independent Curator & Researcher commented that this statement can help us to connect with Gustavo Paris’ paintings, as this Artist has explored what is beyond the material aspects and physical appearance of things, to allow a full internal simultaneous understanding of the creative being, as well as of the one that contemplates the creation. In Paris’ lyrical abstractionism we note a journey towards an internal landscape that somehow connects with the Cosmos derived from an internal consciousness. Through his paintings, Paris inquires about the infinite internal landscape of the human being, searching to reveal something belonging to a non-visible reality, which is supposed to connect with the Cosmos, as we are cosmic dust and a part of the Universe. París directs the poetic aspects of his visual production towards the exploration of the invisible that is at the foundation of our internal Universe in communion with the ‘exo-planetary.’ The abstract iconography of this artist, his aesthetic language and expressive resources, are composed by pale colors, gestural and transparent marks, combined with strong and dynamic strokes, which is a very discreet manner turn into craquelure, drips, and textures. This commentary is complemented by the Independent Curator & Researcher, Katherine Chacón that says: “An explosive dynamism invades our perception when contemplating the paintings of Gustavo Paris. His paintings are true visual bursts that, however, allow us to glimpse a solid structure. The focus of his pieces is in a center or formal knot, from which a myriad of curved and free strokes, charged with motion, are unleashed. His works ‘open themselves up’ towards space. In fact, they resemble cosmic landscapes, fragments of galaxies captured in their continuous and eternal becoming. In some pieces, the artist introduces as a backdrop a segment of this starry cosmos that have generated so many dreams in mankind; in others, he places a veiled horizontal bar that, by exercising a contrasting tension with the painting’s dynamic brushstrokes, contribute to the idea that a “human” landscape can be created, fantasized, dreamed of, and designed, even in extra-planetary environments. All of Gustavo Paris’ work seems to be a fervent chant to the Creator of the Universe, assumed as a superior energy, which rules with magnificence over the immeasurable spaces of the micro and macro-cosmos.”
Gustavo Paris states: “My work, based on a deep search for the unusual in this universe, seeks to interpret and create imaginary worlds based on scientific findings. There is a demarcation between my abstract paintings and figurative ones. My imagination, as well as my fascination for the unexplored, has motivated me to paint surfaces like aerial views, which allow me to float and contemplate the birth of my Exo-planetary paradises. In this manner, my new series ‘Celestial – Exo-planetary Inhabitants’ has come to life. It is an advanced version of our existence, in which I set our own being in coexistence with another reality, maybe even other dimensions, and ultimately the transcendence of the mind. While imagining to be face to face with the inverse, my own form, a mirror that reflects in an exact measure the existence of what has been considered non-existent, makes us assume that the universe expands toward diversity and that a parallel world may communicate with a different interpretation of the same reality.”
In the Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth at Red Dot Miami, Gustavo Paris shows his one of a kind unique and attractive abstract acrylic on canvas of 72 x 60 inches entitled Ascending in Space II

Wednesday, December 5 | 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Thursday, December 6 | 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Friday, December 7 | 1:00PM – 10:00PM
Saturday, December 8 | 1:00PM – 9:00PM
Sunday, December 9 | 12:00PM – 5:00PM

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