Hugo Diaz Kinetic Space Intervention is beyond an exhibition of exquisite artworks to be seen, HDKSI, as we may call it on a more scientific way, is a unique experience about entering inside a gallery space to perceive through the creativity of Art all the extension of it, including walls, floor, and ceiling. This exhibition is a Kinetic artistic excitement of beauty, shapes, reflections, movement, colors contrasts and balance. This exhibition is enlightening, stimulating and a most important artistic experience for all ages.
Hugo Diaz, born in San Cristóbal, Táchira State, Venezuela, lives in Miami, FL, since 2003. Graduated in Computer Systems Engineering at the Metropolitan University, Caracas, Venezuela, he also attended Cristóbal Rojas Art School and the Faculty of Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela, born in Caracas. Diaz is an important member of the ‘new generation of Venezuelan Kinetic Art’, a genre based on the aesthetic of the real and the virtual movement in geometric abstraction. He creates a three-dimensional reality on optical illusions by vibration and contrasted surfaces brightly colored. Inspired by Kinetic Art international great masters, such as Yaacov Agam, b. 1928, Victor Vasarely, 1906-1997, Jesús Rafael Soto, 1923-2005, and Carlos Cruz-Diez, b. 1923, Diaz reaches his own new dimension creating an innovative reading for the Geometric Art genre. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Hugo Diaz has exhibited at Art Santa Fe 2017, NM; in the group show Variations on the same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry in the Art Gallery at the ArtsPark of Hollywood, FL; and in RED DOT 2017, during Art Basel Miami Week. Hugo Diaz Art is in relevant private and public collections. One of his works is now part of the collection at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas, Texas.
I have entitled Hugo Diaz exhibit HDKSI in capital letters only, to highlight the transcendental importance of this unique innovative and meaningful proposal. I congratulate artist Hugo Diaz, Contemporary Art Projects USA and MDC West Campus for making this experience available to us all. The artworks presented include a central piece that begins at the entrance door of the gallery, crossing its floor, and will then ascend all the way through the walls until reaching the ceiling. In addition, a large horizontal piece will be located on the main wall. Other medium or small sized pieces will complement the show on the walls located at each side.
Mariavelia Savino, Curator of the Exhibition