Street Art I. 72″ x 96″. Acrylic on Canvas

Landscaped Illusions curated by Mariavelia Savino, Curator of Contemporary Art Projects USA will be on display from December 4-9th, 2018 at  Scope-Miami International Contemporary Art Fair, Booth G13 as part of Art Basel Miami Week. Kelly Fischer will be part of this exhibition which encompasses a diversity of artistic media and densities. From paint/collage on steel and cement canvas to urban street landscapes or three-dimensional views of skies, waters or topographical lands, from sculptures in polished steel or cement to dreamlike Plexiglas or glass mounted photographic images fulfilled by mystery and fantasy. Our goal is to present the expansion of the human mind through Art, as an unlimited source of imagery, depictions, thoughts and feelings, endless and infinite, as it is the Universe in which we live, either the real one, or the one fulfilled by the magical abstract visions that Artists create while depicting it. A section of the exhibition will relate its visitors with visions of graffiti and branding, including a subtle night view of Manhattan, New York, and a motivating tribute to Basquiat as one of the masters that mastered this genre so popular in NYC. The other section is about landscape and nature. The unique artistic pieces will travel from the deep sea to the infinite space, as well as by the wonder of the minimal transcending as major Art theme, and also by depictions of a fantastic world, where animal and human are able to merge, beyond pain or destruction.

Kelly Fischer, born in Memphis, USA, lives in Bern, Switzerland. A trained teacher, founder and former Headmistress of The English Montessori School of Bern, Kelly developed a successful career in the Visual Arts. She paints images or events describing the emotions felt like a key inspiration to her Art. At Scope Art Fair she exhibits Street-Art I, 72″ x 96″, inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat, b. 1960 – d. 1988, on a colorful abstract background. Abstraction had endless evolutions, new meanings and ways of representation, as it happens in the innovative Art by Kelly Fischer that leads to simultaneous experiences of the effects of color, form, and symbols, as a way to depict feeling, transcending descriptions of objects, expressing ideas or sensations through simplified or created forms, re-inventing movement and volume. Emotion is paramount, taking over subject life rendering.

Kelly Fisher says: ” Living in both the United States and Switzerland has afforded me many opportunities which led to the plurality of my “Street Art” series. As an artist, I gain enormous insight and inspiration traveling from country to country, from city streets to country roads, up through mountain passes and down towards the ocean. These experiences leave me full of ideas and full of hope. An idea for a painting begins long before the paintbrush is ever picked up. What I see outside is what I bring indoors to my canvas. Every day I rush to my studio in an attempt to transfer all of my ideas from thoughts to art. The methods used in this series are a reflection of my training as a Montessori teacher. I took the Montessori methods of thinking and teaching and applied them to the canvas. My abstract artwork reflects both my view as an educator as well as a visual artist. I feel that the method serves a dual purpose, both the need for freedom of movement in education and for the freedom of brushstrokes and choices in a painting. Many people have described my artwork as “organized chaos”, while others have described it as “happy.” I agree with both descriptions, and refer to my artwork as “organized happy chaos.” My view of the world is complex, insightful, and full of promise, yet I respond with naïveté and choose to dream and persevere.”

Recently, in the Miami Dade College Continue Education Summer Camp at MDC West Campus Art Gallery Doral, Kelly created a Lab Project for children followed by the Exhibition The Most Beautiful Color of All, inspired from her award-winning illustrated children’s book of the same name. The Lab motivated children through Art to create unique images with the Artist. Showing her book, she explained the role of an author and illustrator, then, the children produced their paintings that Kelly composed as a mural by ‘special guests’ presented in her exhibition. With Contemporary Art Projects USA, Kelly exhibited at Art Concept 2016; in 2017 and 2018, at Art Palm Beach and Art Boca, FL, Art Santa Fe, NM; in 2017 at “Variations on the same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry” and in 2018 at the PRE-ART BASEL MIAMI WEEK EXHIBITION: “ART from Our Earth, the Sea, and the Sky” both groups shows at the ArtsPark Gallery of Hollywood, FL. Her internationally exhibited Art is in Collections worldwide. by Mariavelia Savino, Contemporary Art Projects USA Curator

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