Until the Moment Comes. Plexiglas Mounted C-Print.
Edition of 3. Sof Stories Series

Laura Jane Petelko, a photographic artist living in Toronto, Canada, explores in her Artworks the psychology of ‘ones’ identity, self-image and times of transformation. As today artists look for the universal and ubiquitous, artistic expression has developed contemplating diversity, contrast and innovation. Some popular topics come from films, television, and cartoons that have influenced our last century as artistic expressions. Today, computer and TV screens are everywhere. Movies, photography, video, and television are sources of present culture and information in conjunction with internet and cellular communication. Among the fonts of artistic exploration, toys imagery is created to portray feelings, love, and spirituality. Laura Jane Petelko photographic Soft Stories Series search for beauty and emotion that viewers will feel when looking at them, also enhanced by serene and attractive landscapes surrounding the actors’ interaction. Petelko creates with her characters, sophisticatedly dressed in animal costumes, but acting like passionate human beings, imagery that positions them as sculptures with the exclusive quality that happens when a refined sense of comedy and unpredicted theatrical action merges with the most exquisite technique. Reaching clarity, balance, essential form and grace, Laura Jane Petelko obtains the equivalent of perfection of any form of Art. Studying at Vancouver film school and Apprenticeship in fine art and commercial photographic printing at Pacific Light Impressions, Vancouver, BC, Canada, she began her career in photographic production for celebrated fine art photographers, Canadian born Scott McFarland, Jeff Wall, and Kelly Wood, and American born Ed Ruscha and Harmony Korine.
Petelko states: “Born from a conversation about retreats for ‘furries’ deep in Canada’s wilderness, the inspiration for Soft Stories began to form. Images began to move me… nothing sensational, but something more Elemental… A strange paradigm began to reveal itself, one we share rather than one that separates… Our longing to commune with nature at this time of environmental crisis, our desperate need for intimacy in a technological world.” – “It became important to Laura Jane to create tangible yet anonymous characters. Ones that resembled animals in our northern landscape… Ones that were sensual and lush but imperfect, man-made from artificial plastics, polymers, and acrylics. Laura Jane collaborated with artist and designer Sara Wood who meticulously created costumes by hand… Shot in vast, pure, and magnificent landscapes exploring the notion of something soft, quiet, reflective and damaged… About our longing and our collective nature. This work is about the beautiful world that we tread upon with our needs and our appetites. It is about the distance we’ve created in our modern world and the beauty and love that always exists peeking through the artifice it hides behind longing to thrive…”
Petelko exhibited at Scope Art Fair 2018 in the Booth of Contemporary Art Projects USA. At Art Wynwood 2019, her large photograph Until the Moment Comes, Plexiglas mounted c-print, 48″ x 72″, is an indication of how Art can be a pleasant joyful experience, by the gracious movements that Petelko imprints to her figures in a simultaneous celebration of all human activities and feelings. Loving esthetics and harmony, celebrating the best of emotion, Petelko finds the essence of movement delicately insinuating equilibrium, intimate sensations and thoughts provoked in her artworks. Her artworks depict not only an image but also an event.

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