Leonardo Di Tomaso is an Italian-Venezuelan Artist specialized in photography. He is a sensitive and human person, with an acute eye for detail, balance, and composition. Di Tomaso cleverly and rapidly captures the exact action, subject and background to portray, expertly selecting to develop it either in color or in B & W. In his series Shopping Cart Society, from which two impressive images are exhibited at Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth 108, Di Tomaso portrays the life side of misery and abandonment. His goal is to move viewers to become aware of it, to understand and share other people’s pain, as well as to promote solutions or improvement for good. His images are an invitation to action and to experience feelings. Di Tomaso has an elevated knowledge in his media technology and a unique sense of aesthetic. Often, he applies a subliminal sense of ironical humor to help lift up a negative situation in order to create constructive wishes. He also uses this for positive portrayed events to make them more joyful to the viewer. Regarding his Shopping Cart Society selected images for the exhibition the artist says: “When I try to talk about this photographic Series, I end in tears… A Little bump in your life and you’re DUMPED… SHOPSMALL, as sometimes there is no room…” One artistic photograph by Leonardo Di Tomaso was awarded 2nd place in the Conceptual Art Category at the International 2017 Competition of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa. During many years, before becoming an artist on his own, Di Tomaso created Di Tomaso Photography to develop his talent for photography providing exquisite personalized service on-location for many well-known artists, galleries and studios, as well as at his studio located in Wynwood Art District.