Eisland. Oil/Mixed Media on Canvas. 78″ x 54″ x 2″

Louis Atelouis is a recognized Swiss self-taught Artist. After creating countless artworks in the ’90s with intuitive painting, as well as also conceiving theater works and book projects, the autodidact Louis presented his first exhibition at Knonau Castle in Switzerland, during the year 2011, with the picture series EVOHILO. Later, based on his style of intuitive painting, he successively developed his new “Pleat-Art -Technology”. For creating his new own style Louis Atelouis works mainly on canvases that have been folded several times, in several layers of paint. He presented this technique for the first time in 2016, at the ASSOCIAZIONE exhibition in Zoug, Switzerland. Abstract Art leads to simultaneously experience effects of color, form or symbol as a way for artists to depict feeling. Viewers reach intimate sensations and thoughts provoked by artists in their works. Emotion is paramount, taking over subject life rendering. Artists express ideas or sensations through simplified or created forms, re-inventing movement and volume, as very successfully does Louis Atelouis.
In his Statement, Louis Atelouis says: “At first sight, the artworks appear perfect, as if one sees the earth for the first time from the depths of the galaxies. A harmonious sphere, perfectly shaped, in beautiful colors. Only on closer inspection are the irregularities visible, fissures, cracks, spots, scars. Life! But they are unique in this form and with their stories, like the earth. And the owners of the works of art should not only be able to look at them and shine with them but take care of them, be afraid of their further decay and watch out to them, so that future generations can still enjoy them. So please, strive for the harmonious, perfectly formed sphere in its beautiful colors and don’t waste your life on realities. Seek new ways, new thinking, as manifested in the “Pleat-Art” technology.”

Amphibia. Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas. 54″ x 78″ x 2″

Among the selected exhibitions, projects and events in which artist Louis Atelouis has taken part are: in 2018, Miami River Art Fair, Miami, FL, and Artbox.Projekt 1.0, Stricoff Gallery, New York, NY; in 2017, Open Air Art Fair, Meilen, Switzerland, and Artbox.Project 1.0, Euro-Airport Basel, Switzerland; in 2016, Associazione, Shedhalle Zoug, Switzerland; in 2011, Evohilo, Castle Knonau, Switzerland; in 2009, Louis Atelouis created the book project SEELENBRANDUNG Erotic Thriller; in 2006, he produced the book project HÄMATIT Science fiction novel; and in 2003, he conceived the theatre play ROSENQUARZ, a sarcastic, morbid social actor. During last March, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Louis Atelouis successfully participated at the Scope New York 2019 Art Fair, and this July, he exhibits in the booth at Art Santa Fe 2019 Art Fair, showcasing a unique Pleat-Art piece created in tones of blue, silver gray, black and whites, entitled EISLAND. This innovative and very attractive Artwork, made in oil and mixed media on canvas, measuring 78 x 54 x 2 inches, will be of great interest for the Art Collectors and the visitors at the Fair. It is interesting to point out that this eye-catching Art piece can be positioned in the wall either vertically or horizontally in accordance of the requirements determined for its display, making it a one of a kind Artwork in every sense.

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