Jazz Mask. Photography. 52″ x 76.5″

Landscaped Illusions curated by Mariavelia Savino, Curator of Contemporary Art Projects USA will be on display from December 4-9th, 2018 at  Scope-Miami International Contemporary Art Fair, Booth G13 as part of Art Basel Miami Week. Margaret Hyde will be part of this exhibition which encompasses a diversity of artistic media and densities. From paint/collage on steel and cement canvas to urban street landscapes or three-dimensional views of skies, waters or topographical lands, from sculptures in polished steel or cement to dreamlike Plexiglas or glass mounted photographic images fulfilled by mystery and fantasy. Our goal is to present the expansion of the human mind through Art, as an unlimited source of imagery, depictions, thoughts and feelings, endless and infinite, as it is the Universe in which we live, either the real one, or the one fulfilled by the magical abstract visions that Artists create while depicting it. A section of the exhibition will relate its visitors with visions of graffiti and branding, including a subtle night view of Manhattan, New York, and a motivating tribute to Basquiat as one of the masters that mastered this genre so popular in NYC. The other section is about landscape and nature. The unique artistic pieces will travel from the deep sea to the infinite space, as well as by the wonder of the minimal transcending as major Art theme, and also by depictions of a fantastic world, where animal and human are able to merge, beyond pain or destruction.

For American artist photographer Margaret Hyde the potential for transformation is central to her work. Using the lens as an extension of her eye, she hones in on the small details of our natural world and everyday habitat to honor the hidden value of the overlooked and undervalued. Via natural lighting, close-up angles, and macro lenses, Hyde monumentalizes and meditates upon the mundane. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, her mother was an avid amateur photographer with her own darkroom and an assortment of cameras. From the age of ten, Margaret began her own mostly self-taught photographic training, learning to maneuver the dark room and handling manual cameras at summer camp. Growing up amidst the Memphis art community, she became acquainted with photographer William Eggleston and inspired by his work, particularly the manner in which he was able to transform ordinary, everyday subjects in remarkable images. The concept of transformation through photography extends to every facet of Hyde’s daily life. She believes that her photographic subjects have powerful emotional resonance and striking visual aesthetic that requires meaningful study. Her unique powerful intriguing images ask us to evaluate ourselves and our natural world in meaningful as well as transformative way. Hyde’s most recent series of photos feature lustrous spaces and objects, inspired by the many years of living and vacationing by the water. The abalone shell particularly speaks deeply to her as a metaphor for people and the lives they inhabit. Hyde believes that, when looked at mindfully in the light, a seemingly worthless broken abalone shell represents emotional traumas and irrevocable experiences. Her photographic subjects depict deep feelings, unique experiences and have an outstanding visual aesthetic that requires profound study and mastered the technique. They ask us to evaluate ourselves as well as our natural world in a meaningful and transformative way. The Booth of Contemporary Art Projects USA at Scope Art Fair 2018, will exhibit as a central piece her exquisite 48″ x 72″ photograph Jazz Mask from the Spirit Masks Series, and Peregrine Mask is also part of the selection.
Margaret Hyde states: “I collect and photograph things that most people would step on or walk right by tiny seashells, dandelions, and other weeds and scraps of old metal and broken glass. All of them bear the marks of their journeys: flaws, cracks, bumps, and bruises that are a testament to the tide of life. With its infinite memory of all life, water is an element that holds the memory of the people, places, and things that it has touched and flowed through reflecting the magic and mystery of the natural world. With natural light and water, I use my camera to frame the magic and beauty of the unseen and overlooked. My work is a meditation on what it means to be transformed my life and all the elements of nature. The camera enables me to see rightly ‘what is essential and (usually) invisible to the eye’ (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince).”
Today, Hyde resides in Santa Monica, CA. Active in service, justice, and equality, she founded with her family Hyde Family Foundations (HFF) charitable body that supports the Memphis National Civil Rights Museum and other worthy organizations. Hyde produced the Academy and Emmy-nominated documentary short The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306 that details the last days of Martin Luther King, Jr. She is also a children’s book author and publisher, including the Great Art for Kids and Mo’s Nose series. Hyde accompanied a documentary film crew to capture the beauty of Bhutan. A year later, invited by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, she photographed Liberia’s orphanages and rebuilding efforts. Exhibited in California, New York, and New Jersey group or solo shows, and Florida’s Art Fairs, her Art is in the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital collection, Boston, MA, and Laddie John Dill Private Collection.
Mariavelia Savino, Contemporary Art Projects USA Curator

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