Jump. Intervened Photography with Mosaics. Printed on Metallic Paper. Mounted on Plexiglas. 48” x 32”

Nataly Schloser, a Venezuelan artist based in Miami, FL, is a graduated Lawyer and a very promising unique Visual Artist. Her artistic career began when she experimented with mosaics to create unique pieces of furniture, covering dining table tops, bars, walls, screens, and headboards. She has collaborated with numerous architects and designers, as well as a worked freelance in Panama, Venezuela, and the USA. Recently, Nataly explored the art of photography, merging it with her passion for mosaics. She calls this technique: Intervened Photography. By applying this artistry, she achieves an unmatched perspective of texture, shine, and color to her work, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. We can say that the unique and exquisite artworks by Nataly Schloser are never seen before fusion among two of the most important media in the history of the Visual Arts: Photography and Mosaics. Photography, from the Greek phōtos ‘light’ and graphé ‘drawing’, means ‘drawing with light’. In the 20th century, became an Art genre main creative expression with styles and techniques in constant evolution. Mosaics assembling small pieces of glass, stone or other materials, flourished in Mesopotamia, Mycenean Greece, Classical Greece and Rome, the Byzantine Empire, the Middle East and in the Renaissance, made by Raphael. Modern Art Mosaics were used by Edward Burne-Jones in Rome, Italy, and by architect Antoni Gaudí at Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain. Recently, Nataly Schloser exhibited her unique exquisite artworks, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, at Art Santa Fe 2017, NM, and as part of the group show Variations on the same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry in the Art Gallery at the ArtsPark of Hollywood, FL.

Sicilia.Intervened Photography with Mosaics .Printed on Metallic Paper. Mounted on Plexiglas. 32” x 48”

In 2017, she has been commissioned to create the Donor Wall,  12 x 12 feet, at Scheck Hillel School, Aventura, FL, and the Aaron Hakodesh, 12 panels representing the 12 tribes, for a Synagogue in Panama. In 2016, she created the Donor Wall, 12 x 8,11 feet, for the Synagogue Lubabich South of Aventura, FL. Two impressive artworks by Schloser are today part of the important Canpro Collection at One Park Building, Boca Raton, FL. Nataly Schloser will show two unique mosaics intervened photography Artworks, entitled China Town and Mosaic Rebellion, at Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth R215 in RED DOT Art Fair 2017, during Art Basel Miami Week.