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Ben Vanderick

Artist Profile

Ben Vanderick

Ben’s paintings offer a moving experience, just like that of life finally… Instinctively, his eye is attracted by the singularity, by the authenticity, by the subtlety or even by the sensitivity of a look.

Ben has been practicing his art for twenty years. Day after day, his work has been defined, refined, taking a very particular direction… Interpreting his subjects in 14 shades of gray, his style is unique and captivating.
In the genesis, Ben Vanderick turns to the abstract, the essential, seeking there the representation of feelings. Painting as an outlet, as a field of discovery to get out of reality that is sometimes too present. His path then changes direction to explore hyperrealism and figuration, the encounter with humans, with what they reveal with a simple glance.

He will then find his unique prism, his often sensual angle of view, his style mixing this hyperrealism with falsely coarse pointillism thanks to his very particular imprint, which he will develop over time. Ben immerses himself in looks, seeks emotions, making his subject unique and iconic. From a photograph, and thanks to his technique with 14 shades of gray, his interpretation frees the portrait. Suddenly a form of movement appears, the image comes alive, it comes to life. All you have to do is live this experience: get as close as possible to one of his paintings, select a small area of ​​it, try to guess what it represents, to understand the detail… The exercise is complicated, if not impossible. As you step back, the story will unfold, the subject, the situation, will appear almost by magic, with a hyper realistic intensity. Here is his secret, to make the frozen moving, to untie it, to bring an image back to life and to extract an almost palpable sensuality from it.

Ben, about reality: “Imagine, an accident occurs, 14 witnesses are on the spot. Each of them explaining to you a different version of the same scene… I find it fascinating!!! My 14 shades of gray are also perceived in different ways at each glance and yet, physically, it is indeed one and the same canvas. Nothing is therefore black or white, nothing is true, nothing is totally false, everything is just shades of grey.

Presented at numerous fairs and popular places around the world such as Art Basel – Scope Miami, Basel, Scope New York, AAF New York, AAF Brussel, Ben’s work is now part of collections deprived of many anonymous but also famous personalities such as SIR Elton John, Raphael Nadal, Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Anthony Joshua, Marouane Fellaini and many others.
His global vision of the universe and its power to make us what we are or want to be, motivates Ben to try in turn to send back, as recognition, a part of himself to those he could help. . This is why he participates in many foundations. His canvases are snapped up at auction so that the profits can, in turn, serve an important human cause. Some of these Foundations, such as the Papillon Foundation, the Samira Foundation or the Amade Foundation, have been able to raise substantial funds following a surge in auction prices.
Ben’s news is rich in twists and turns, the requests are numerous, reflecting the attraction of the public and connoisseurs for his complex and unique work. Many people have sought to understand, to decomplexify his universe, but it is clear that each time the painter’s paintings appear, the eyes freeze in the canvas and time stops for a moment in front of the shamelessness of the captured moment. He then brings us into his universe which he reveals, through the 14 shades of acrylic liquid…


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