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David Krovblit

Artist Profile

David Kroblit

Race to Paradise reminds us to ease off the gas and coast neutrally.
The collage seeks to bridge the realms of high-speed exhilaration and the delicate beauty of the botanical world. The Ferrari racing helmet takes center stage, an emblem of precision, power, and the unbridled pursuit of speed.
Surrounded by carefully curated old botanical illustrations, this composition aims to evoke a harmonious dialogue between the mechanical and the organic. This juxtaposition serves to emphasize the contrast between the fast-paced world and the slower, more intricate rhythms of nature. The viewer is invited to ponder the coexistence of power and fragility, precision and spontaneity.

Deep Dive explores how our perception is changed by the different lenses of life. A call to be open to others ideas and flexible with alternative concepts; not everything is always as it seems.
With its unique visual perspective, the viewer sees through a porthole, into another porthole, then into a third dimension. The trio represents the threefold nature of humankind: past, present, future; nature, science, technology; mind, body, and soul.
Vintage botanical illustrations in the collage create a sense of unity with nature. The porthole, circular in shape, is a symbol of life and its perpetual cycle. It is like an introspective and reflective keyhole – you look into it but it also looks out at you.


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