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Doris Tinsley

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Doris Tinsley Nadel| USA


Doris Tinsley Nadel began painting during her childhood using oils on canvas, painting landscapes, flowers, animals and won awards for her paintings. In college studied architecture, art history, figure drawing, watercolor painting, commercial art, marketing and business. After college she focused on professional marketing/sales business career while painting in her spare time. While working at an internet start-up company in 1995 she was inspired by the creative tech environment and began exploring painting minimalist abstract style in acrylic medium on canvas. During early 2000 she worked with children at Crossroads Interfaith Housing Program (domestic violence program) and the children inspired her when working with them on art projects to help build their self-esteem. Tinsley Nadel believes children can build self-esteem and confidence through art and she curated an art exhibition with the children’s art along with her paintings. The art exhibition was featured on local ABC news “Artist and Pint-Size Picassos”.
She has exhibited her paintings in solo art exhibitions, group art exhibitions, curated her own solo art exhibition, business building lobbies, corporate offices, hotel, art fair and sold paintings over the years. She recently left her professional business career to focus on her artwork expanding her acrylic painting series, creating new painting series and experimenting with other mediums such as color pencil drawings, digital drawing and video.
The Rhyme Dust Noir” painting based on song by @domdolla lyrics are on each piece confetti paper creating mixed media sculptured texture within the thick black acrylic paint on the background of swirling silver acrylic brush strokes that creates an illusion on stainless steel. Music inspires my creativity. When I hear music, I see shapes and colors moving and dancing around that interpret into my paintings. Love the interplay using playful geometric shapes, vibrant colors and positive negative space in a painting. “Rhyme Dust Noir” is my newest painting for the “Geometric Shapes of Sound” series where each painting is based on a song that inspires and moves me.
Doris Tinsley|USA


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