Artist Profile

Eduardo Daya

Artist Profile

Eduardo Daya

“My photography as art starts when I stop considering it as a mere reproduction of reality and start working creatively.”

I started photography in 1999, and since then I have been passionate about it.  The camera is an extension of my body and helps me see the world with different eyes.  As an artist it is very gratifying being able to transmit part of you to the spectator.

I have three pleasures in life:  travel, photography, and architecture.  I enjoy blending them creatively.  To travel and discover new places is something special.  The world is full of magical and wonderful places waiting to be discovered.

“Photography as we know, is not something true.  It’s an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world.”  Arnold Newman

My work is not trying to show reality, but to interpret it creatively.  The art in photography can never be truly objective.  Contrary to the idea that photography reproduces honest duplicates of reality, the camera can see a different reality.

A primary and defining component of my work is that color is the main character.  Complementing aesthetics and lighting with my profession as architect, I find a style of my own in abstract and geometric elements that stand out because of their color and texture.  In my opinion, photography is more than a simple click.  It’s a combination of framing, light, and composition, that through the years I’ve portrayed in my style.

In photography light is the main character, it is light that draws over a blank canvas, creating shapes, forms and colors that clearly could be far from reality.  Time is relative, a picture not necessarily freezes an instant, it can englobe a series of moments and movements that reflect more than what we see at plain sight.

The goal is to let the spectator perceive the most minimum detail, feel the texture, have the need to get close to the artwork and want to touch it.  My artistic proposal does not end after I shoot, that is only the beginning.  After taking different abstract fragments of reality comes the time to edit them all into one guiding thread that makes the final composition.  The obsession for harmony and the imposition of order are the constants of my work.


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