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Fabio Mesa

Artist Profile

Fabio Mesa

Fabio Mesa has developed his Art inspired by effects of light through shades and color.

Fabio Mesa was born in the city of Medellin, Colombia, in 1970. Mesa presently resides in Medellin, where he owns his artistic workshop. He frequently travels from Colombia to other countries to participate at relevant exhibitions and to take part in collaborative workshops. From 2014 until today, visual artist Fabio Mesa has visited important cities in the United States of America, such as Miami, New York City and Greenwich, as well as Panama City in the Republic of Panama, Central America, and Beijing in the People’s Republic of China, Asia.

Fabio Mesa has developed his Art inspired by effects of light through shades and color. It is remarkable the versatility on how he recreates his own shapes and lines, making a ‘fusion’ of them with his unique human crowds and the effects of the light perceived trough endless spaces. His cleverly achieved perspectives capture and give great emotions to the viewers of the artworks. They are composed by one or multiple pieces that combine among them. Mesa uses for his Art delicate combinations of gray, silver, gold, black or white, accompanying them with the addition of one or more bright colors to create a vibrating effect and impact, making each work a unique experience to enjoy. The artworks evolve into a deep intellectual approach towards the viewer, achieving an interactive visual effect. When there is light a vivid and intense color is presented also combined with deep shadows, as we can see in the unique Art masterpiece created by Fabio Mesa for the Aston Martin Residences Miami.

Artist Fabio Mesa has said about his artistic work: “In my work, crowds march toward common goals, which revolve around dreams that human beings share as a society: the search for peace, the struggle for a better life”… “In my paintings, the ‘dreamers’ tirelessly search for their dreams on the path of life that is often unknown to them but may lead to freedom and peace in another reality.”

Colombian Curator and Art Critic, Eduardo Serrano, wrote about Fabio Mesa in ‘Defining peace through art’: “Fabio Mesa’s painting constitutes a commentary about the behavior of human beings as crowds. It is sometimes erratic and sometimes confident, sometimes threatening, and other times gentle. Through color, in some occasions acid and others kind and soft, his work does not explicitly show people’s location but it does make it clear that it’s an urban square given by the shadows of some buildings; it also shows that it’s about city dwellers who move with ease even through the obstacles they may come across.”

In 1981, Mesa began to study at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Medellin, later starting his professional creative career after 5 years of art studies. Artist Fabio Mesa briefly stopped to work for two years to increase and develop his innovative talent studying at Medellin’s Art Workshop.

Exhibitions and Events, as well as recent past Art Fairs where Visual Artist Fabio Mesa has been invited:
1. Invited Artist by MDC/West Campus for Virtual and Physical Exhibition called “The Dreamers of 2021” Sept 22-2021-January 3|2022.
2. Invited Artist to represent Aston Martin in a Marketing Campaign from August – October 2021
3. Virtual Exhibition called “The Dreamers in Aston Martin” at Aston Martin New Building from
September 2021 to November 30-2021
4. Art Context 2020 and Art Palm Beach 2020 Online
5. Art Context 2021


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