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Nana S.R.T.

Artist Profile

A visual artist of Eurasian descent based between London and Vienna, Nana’s main medium is photography. Her bi-cultural upbringing greatly influenced her outlook on life, shaping her artistic expressions.
NSRT’s first encounters with the power of photography were the evenings when, as a child, her parents would celebrate her father’s return from his long truck driving times away from home, by drumming friends together for evenings of slide shows. Layers of cigarette smoke filling the living room, whilst Nana’s father would talk through his slides, recounting stories of unknown cultures and their customs, sharing unfamiliar and stunning landscapes, accompanied by wow’s and laughter.
As a young teenager her father then taught Nana how to use his Nikon FM – the camera that accompanied him through the 1970s.
Today NSRT mainly use her digital camera to create, and often draws on dance to express herself. Blessed to have had the world of dance at her side for most of her life, it inspires her and urges her to explore and capture its energy.
NSRT usually has a concept in mind, alongside a mental shortlist of dancers she would like to work with. When the time feels right she will pair these two and get ready for the studio. The preparation makes for a great part of the day – setting up, getting the lights right, and the dancers ready. Nana likes to have everything in camera so the post work mainly consists of flicking through her shots with main attention to the crop.
NSRT enjoys exploring her own personal and various ways of capturing and showing the beauty of the human form that is able to communicate emotion. She is very much drawn to the energy we all are made of – energy which doesn’t lie, doesn’t conform, energy that does not and cannot pretend. Energy stems from a place of truth. It has an aura, a feeling – energy has a color. It is this NSRT aims to present.
Nana’s sense of aesthetics is very much formed by the artists who were and are able to listen to their hearts, who are guided by a straight line to the core. The artists who dared to grow and express themselves from a place of truth and honesty, contrary to what society wanted to project on to its voices.
Whether this translates in NSRT’s work is for others to judge or determine. But this is what she is made of, and this is what fuels her.

“Everything Is Art” is a group of textured, abstract and expressionist Colorscapes en1bracing, for the first time, elements of urban art. This freewheeling expression of the theme of the ubiquity of art is my latest exploration of the nexus of the symbolic and the literal, of the tactile and the pictorial, and of the urban and the urbane.

Art is everywhere-not just in a museum, but out in the streets, around us, and even within us. Each of the works in this collection carries carefully curated words, all containing “art,” to denote art’s presence in seemingly unrelated aspects of our daily routines. The words remind us that whichever way we look, art is in every facet of our experience.  Adding body, literally, to this then,e is the use of heavy impasto that gives each piece a distinctive physical definition, with the undulations of the surface imparting another layer of fascination-a graffiti of light and shadow across the landscape of each canvas.


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