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Artist Profile

Maite Nobo


NONO is the collaboration of two austrian sisters called Mercedes and Franziska Welte.

The Series TONDO
The tondo, as a round canvas or relief, has a long tradition. As early as the Renaissance, masters such as Botticelli appreciated this form as an ideal frame for iconic depictions. This round shape allows a unique focus and creates a harmonious balance between form and content.

Our tondos are inspired by this art-historical diversity and capture the timeless elegance of this form. Each piece is both a tr1bute to the past and a contemporary lnterpretat1on, taking the viewer on a fascinating c1rcular Journey through art.  The round shape of the Tondo creates a harmonious unity, while delicate lines and colors establish a poetic connection between sky and earth. This artwork invites you to immerse yourself in a world where horizons unite, awakening feelings of vastness and harmony.”


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