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Peter Mclennan | Canada

Artist Profile

Peter Mclennan

Peter Mclennan uses emotions as his guide, examining themes of time, space and our relative place within them.

My work is an attempt to capture the feelings associated with life, memory, time and space. If I were to create a term to describe my style it would be something along the lines of intuitive emotional impressionism or expressionism. I tend to follow my emotions rather than a rigid plan both while I photograph and in post-production. I get inspired by what I see and what I imagine and allow my emotions to guide me. In many ways my images are more about how I feel than what I see. Peter’s interest in photography began at an early age while embarking on long road trips across North America. He wanted to find a way to capture the feelings he experienced while looking out at the vast landscapes. After studying photography at Ryerson University/Humber College and Art History at the University of Toronto, he continued to explore the world around him through his lens. Using his emotions as his guide, he examines themes of time, space and our relative place within them. Having recently been diagnosed with ADHD, he has come realize that in many ways his images are an escape from his own cluttered mind. Peter’s work belongs to personal and corporate collections around the world.

1996-1998 Ryerson University, Continuing Education, Photography
1998-2000 Bishop’s University, Humanities, Art History & Religion
2000-2003 University of Toronto, Trinity College, Double Major in Art, History & Religion
2007-2008 Humber College, Continuing Education, Photography

Besides his formal education, Peter has been participated at numerous groups shows in Europe, Canada as well as a recent show solo show in New York.
In 2019, he was represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Scope Miami Beach 2019 during Art Basel Miami Week 2019.


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