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Artist Profile

Wuilfredo Soto

Artist Profile

Wuilfredo Soto

The artistic discourse of Wuilfredo Soto rest in the concept of abstraction, expressed in works with movement and optical perceptions.

To do this, it builds structures with geometric figures that through repetitions end in successive and perfectly balanced constructions.

The system that Wuilfredo Soto generally uses is based on sequences and progressions developed on all four sides of the surface of space. So each form is closely linked to a whole and its relationships depend on a previously established system. These optical structures create a visual impact and establish a connection with the viewer.

As an artist I consider myself passionate when making installations with non-traditional materials on the surface without losing the spirituality of the work in its creation, which can produce movement or light.

Through fractal geometric compositions, it creates simple plane transformations on the surface, transforming the initial pattern through repetitions into a new image and providing an expression of
dimension in space and time.


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