Contemporary Art Projects USA Online Gallery

The Future has “arrived so much sooner”. Galleries has been closed due to the pandemic, this event is currently changing the world as we know it. People are afraid to assist opening and visit galleries. Therefore, from the Conventional Gallery where the artwork is display and sell, Buy Art Online is the Answer. 

Collectors will have the access to information about artists that online platforms provide (or that can be attained via search) creates a strong incentive to purchase through these channels. They also mentioned that compared to art fairs—where a collector might be given information about a work, but be expected to make a decision on the spot—online platforms allow collectors to feel like they have the time to do research at their own pace without the pressure of a salesperson.

A third of online buyers with smaller collecting budgets and who are newer to the market said that buying art online is less intimidating than buying from a gallery, fair, or auction house directly. These new buyers were 49% more likely than other online art collectors to identify this as a driver of their purchases. They also tended to be younger than the sample as a whole and have likely come of age making many of their non-art purchases online—a generational trend suggesting that more art sales will move online over time. It also offers an opportunity for art-world entities hoping to secure new buyers to find ways to engage them that may counter the art world’s “intimidating” reputation.

Contemporary Art Projects USA has decided to enter the world of Online Market, and it has been partnered with Red Group Online Market where collectors can browse a selection of painting, drawing, sculptures, photography etc.  (curated by  our curator as well as the curator from Red Group Online Market)  meaning  that the artwork can reach people in other states and other countries 365 days a year. Plus, we can connect with an entirely different audience than those who attend our fairs and visit our exhibitions.

Please visit our online gallery by click on the below link:

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