The Art Market’s current situation as it stands in mid-2020 has been described as experiencing cardiac arrest by Anders Petterson in his Art Market Confidence Reports. All art fairs having been canceled or postponed and those that have opened have done so under challenging constraints. Thus, the art-market that existed before pandemic is at a global standstill.

There is, however, one sector of the art market that is flourishing. Online sales has picked up the pace and changing positively with the times.

Contemporary Art Projects USA is part of the world of Online Market, and it has been partnered with Redwood Art Group Online Market where collectors can browse a selection of painting, drawing, sculptures, photography etc. (curated by our curator as well as the curator from Redwood Art Group Online Market) meaning that the artwork can reach people in other states and other countries 365 days a year. Plus, we can connect with an entirely different audience than those who attend our fairs and visit our exhibitions.

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