Los Suenos de Monica. Tribute to Frida Kahlo. 48′ x 36″

Ricardo Lowenberg is a renowned Mexican Artist influenced by European Impressionism, as well as by Mexican muralists and masters, such as Diego Rivera, 1886-1957, David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1896-1974, Rufino Tamayo, 1899-1991, and Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954. His friend and mentor Jose Luis Cuevas, b. 1934, introduced his exhibition at the Centro Cultural Siqueiros in Mexico City. His elegant sophisticated paintings, made with subtle textures and tones, often created by lapis lazuli, silver and gold leaves, are powerful, beautifully and exquisitely balanced. His work is inspired by nature and life experiences. He enjoys exploration and constant change, depicting dynamic shapes and spaces with equilibrated rhythm. Surprising structures and symbolic figurations are characteristic of his work that transmits happiness, strength, color, and life.
On his Tribute to Frida Kahlo, Lowenberg says: “From childhood, I was deeply influenced by Frida Kahlo artworks, colors, and shapes. Her paintings fascinated me. The Kahlo family and my grandparents from mother side were neighbors at Coyoacan, México. My curiosity for knowing more about Frida gradually grew. When later I began to understand better her Art, my admiration for her became stronger. I studied her biographies comparing them with what my mother or grandmother said, many truths, some lies, and much fantasy… Always attracted by strong colors of great luminosity and definition, by the human figure, especially the eyes that I feel are a window of the soul, I painted a strong severe Frida with the sweetest eyes I was able to depict. My grandmother used to say: a very special girl, strong as a rock with a gaze sweet as bread…”
Lowenberg Art is in collections in Mexico, USA, Europe, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Japan. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Lowenberg recently exhibited: in 2017, at Art Boca, Art Santa Fe, in 2017 and 2018. For Art Wynwood 2019, Lowenberg presents two impressive multimedia on canvas paintings of 48” x 36”, respectively entitled Los Sueños de Mónica 1 and Los Sueños de Mónica 2, from his celebrated series Los Sueños de Monica a Tribute to Frida Kahlo. They are inspired by a woman, who is an artist, very beautiful with a strong character. She will make the best from what life offers to her through her knowledge and talent. Ricardo says about these exquisite paintings: “I focus in her profound gaze, plenty of determination, positioned in her presence but also looking at her future. She is adorned by Peony flowers signifying prosperity, beauty, happiness and love that last during the years, as also a love declaration. I made three paintings slightly different, as she has diverse characters, one lovely and tender, other strong and determined, and the last perceptive and creative. Colors and textures are exuberant and bright to exalt the beauty of our artistic passion. I enjoyed conceiving and painting this series, then when I see these paintings I feel very pleased and in love with them.