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Reminisce #7

Reminisce #7

Reminisce, Rebirth and the Horizon Line.

Last spring I made a solo road trip from California to Oregon and back, to retrace some steps of a journey that I first made two decades ago coinciding with the beginning of my professional career and the ending of requisite training experiences. The initial trip and my life at that stage 20 years ago, was all about broadening my horizons.  On the second trip I was curious about what I would see and feel while looking back at the horizon from this vantage point. I created a series of images in a sepia-like color palette called “Reminisce” to reflect the gratitude, nostalgia and wonder that permeated the trip.

As I completed this journey and began to look toward the next arc of my life, I became equally aware of the promise of rebirth and the attendant feelings of enthusiasm and wonder about what might lie ahead. With those feelings in mind, I reprocessed some of the same images from the Reminisce series in a new palette of bright colors to reflect my current state of mind and called it “Rebirth”.

I used my iPhone6s plus to capture and process images, choosing a few post-processing applications that allowed me to add layers to connote the complexities of life as one looks forward and back, through colors, textures, shading and lighting.



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