Light It Up

Tatiana Rajzman, a Brazilian Contemporary artist, painter, and printmaker, has developed an important body of work in the field of Abstract Art. She also uses TRajz as her name d’Art and to sign her paintings. Tatiana, inspired by the colorful and impressive path traced by unique celebrated Brazilian Contemporary Master painters and architects, such as the painter Tarcila do Amaral, b. 1886 – d. 1973, or the landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, b. 1909 – d. 1994, combines abstract and cubist elements in her Art, depicting colorful patterns and shapes to express her message to the viewers. In her paintings, Tatiana Rajzman frequently talks of her own experiences and feelings. Tatiana’s artistic background begun in the world of fashion design graduating from The Art Institute and continuing her career as a product developer for Perry Ellis International in Miami. Afterward, Tatiana has followed her artistic passion and inspiration through painting, with a great talent and skill, creating geometric compositions that impress and drive the viewer towards them. Her creation process is pristine and very well executed. Her clean lines and shapes almost dance on the canvas bringing happiness to the viewer. The sharp contrast between black and white and her precise colorful geometric shapes are distinctive of her work developed in acrylic on canvas and ink pen. After participating as an emerging solo artist during Art Basel Miami week Art Fairs in 2017, Tatiana Rajzman exhibited in Art Palm Beach 2018 represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA.