Kelly Fischer, Visual Artist, and Award-Winning Author has created a special Lab Project for children to take place on August 9th during the Miami Dade College Continue Education Summer Camp at the MDC West Campus Art Gallery in Doral. The Workshop, presented by Contemporary Art Project USA in collaboration with the West Campus Continuing Education and Professional Development Department, will be followed by the Main Art Event and Opening Reception with Parents, on August 10th. From this date until October 12th, 2018, the artworks made by the children will be on display at the Solo Exhibition The Most Beautiful Color of All by Kelly Fischer at the MDC West Campus Art Gallery, Doral, organized in cooperation with Contemporary Art Project USA and curated by Mariavelia Savino. The Workshop is inspired by Kelly Fischer’s award-winning, wonderfully illustrated children’s book, The Most Beautiful Color of All. The objective of this Lab Project is to involve and motivate the participating children through the language of Art, guiding them to create unique images together with the Artist. While showing her book, Kelly Fischer will briefly explain to the children the role of an author and an illustrator. Then, the children will be invited to produce their own paintings to be presented as a special guests’ works in the Kelly Fischer Exhibition. A trained Montessori teacher, the founder and former Headmistress of The English Montessori School of Bern, Switzerland, Kelly enjoys each opportunity to teach and interact with children. She is a Switzerland-based/American born artists that create vibrant, multicolored and powerful artworks.
Kelly says: “The colors that one chooses as an artist, are an unveiling of our creative personality. My intention is to provoke and present evocative artworks that leave an imprint on the soul… Color forces us to see things differently and does have an impact on the viewer… But, the most significant feature is the strength of the piece itself… I developed a passion for painting and storytelling at a young age… Over time painting challenged me in a way that nothing else ever had… Writing and painting are different yet the same… The support received in both Europe and the States is influential in helping me to forge my career.” Her exquisite and attractive Art is part of important Art Collections worldwide. Kelly Fisher, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, had an outstanding presence in Art Concept 2016, during Art Basel Miami week; in 2017, at Art Palm Beach, Art Boca, Art Santa Fe, NM, and as part of the group show Variations on the same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry in the Art Gallery at the ArtsPark of Hollywood, FL; in 2018, at Art Palm Beach and Art Boca.

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Tata Fernandez. Director
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