For immediate release: Miami, January 3th, 2017
Contact: Fatima Canovas
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J. Margulis. White Quadrants 4

J. Margulis. White Quadrants 4


Miami Dade College West Campus Gallery – under the umbrella of The Museum of Contemporary Art + Design, and in collaboration with Contemporary Art Projects USA – will host this art season the last of three exhibitions by well renowned international artists: “3-D Vibrations”, by J. Margulis. The exhibit will be curated by Mariavelia Savino, Contemporary Art Projects USA’s Chief Curator, and held at West Gallery, 3800 N. W. 115 Avenue in Doral, Florida. The opening reception will take place on January 26, 2017, at 11:00 am.

Exhibition: “3-D Vibrations” by J. Margulis
On View: January 26th through April 4th, 2017
Opening Reception: January 26th, 2017 at 11:00 am
Location: MDC Galleries of Art + Design, MDC-West Gallery/City of Doral

J. Margulis, born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970, will be presenting his first complete retrospective, “3-D Vibrations”. Beginning with his first colorful sculptures, and concluding with a monochrome kinetic wall piece in which color and transparency create a surprising effect of change and movement that transport the viewer to a new dimension. A multi-talented artist who has excelled in his capacity as a photographer, Margulis later developed his present conceptions of unique 3-D sculptures.

The artist follows in the footsteps of the great last century masters of the genre including Venezuelan Jesus Soto, Russian constructiveness and kinetic pioneer Naum Gabo, and Italian Alberto Biasi. With deft and expertise, he presents the new optical dimensions created by kinetic art.

During the 1600’s, it was perceived that master painter, Diego Velazquez,(1599-1660) was able to depict the air surrounding his subjects. Today, we can say that J. Margulis is the master of “kinetic air.” In his sculptures, he makes his viewers feel the inaccessible, the ethereal, and the transparent trough his vibrations; instilling surprise and excitement.

Margulis’s work processes two very distinct qualities: a delicate insinuation and refined elegance. These qualities place his artwork in a very original, unique category; as much beautiful as intelligently conceived scientific renderings.

The artist explains: “I believe that courage, empathy, and kindness are all ingredients of a powerful and elusive formula, which arms us with a clean and ever sharpening lens that catches fleeting glimpses of our true nature. Small fractions of divine understanding that reverberate in our essence with the power to shape our deepest beliefs and completely change our perspectives. And, so, the way we act in the unfolding of our own existence. My work is about the physical representation of this belief. I digitally design 3-D objects and compositions and cut them in slices from different types of plastic sheet materials. These slices are then fixed to a rigid canvas, a pedestal, or held together in space.

Most of my work is done using acrylic sheets with different levels of translucency in a range of colors, graphic patterns, textures and photographic images directly printed on the sheets’ surfaces… I treat my three-dimensional pieces as light traps or secret blueprints. By controlling the placement of its components, I’m able to create intriguing 3-D containers. These exposed patterns and designs are not absolutes or unique, because as the viewer changes his point of view, the work expresses a different narrative that is entirely new within its own essence. It intrigues and fascinates me, how the object mutates in front of me, with no other resource but a simple change of perspective…”

Contemporary Art Projects USA will collaborate with MDC Campus for the preparation and execution of this exhibition.

For more information contact:
MDC Galleries of Art + Design
Tata Fernandez
Contemporary Art Projects USA
Mariavelia Savino, Chief Curator