Horizons: Among the cloud Forest

Horizons: Among the Cloud Forest

Jorge Cavelier, Colombian Artist  – represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA in Miami, Florida – has been invited to create and exhibit, “Horizons: Among the Cloud Forest”, the “Special Project Art Santa Fe” installation that will be curated by Silvia Medina, Contemporary Art Projects USA’s Chief Curator; and Linda Mariano, Curator and Managing Director of Marketing, Redwood Media Group.

The artist renders his exquisite paintings by employing the Italian old masters’ techniques for preparing his canvases and carefully choosing the highest quality paints in the world to bring his mesmerizing pieces to life.

Artist’s Statement:

Thoughts from within

Between two worlds life hovers like a star, twixt night and morn, upon the horizon’s verge.
Lord Byron.

The horizon sets an illusory limit where the sky meets the surface of the earth. A line where dreams seams to inhabit since there’s no way to fix it in a clear way. Hope is beyond that line and great leaders fix their vision in that limitless region where all possibilities may happen.

My aim in this new series of paintings goes to find the blur and at the same time the precision of the horizon, within the series of landscapes. A high horizon will expose much of the earth’s surface observed as the place our bodies dwell on, but a low one create open skies, meditative ethereal spaces where our soul nature wants to rest peacefully. The combination of both high and low horizons may expand our conception of a world where our existence expands every day.

The technique of silk drawings and paintings try to evoque that ethereal realm where we exercise the recognition of our universe. Different layers of transparent silk textile add colors, shades of smoky white hues, to create landscapes where the spectator may lose his/her conception of time and space and enter into his/her own interior spectrum of soul qualities.

The walk through the installation in any direction constitutes the exercise of entering a labyrinth, a meditative route to enhance our spiritual connections. This work emulates the intentions of such designs as labyrinths of geometrical nature found in medieval cathedrals as well as primitive floor drawings, both meant for walking in a circuit to and from a center.

The Projects will be located at the Entrance of Art Santa Fe 2016 from July 7-10|2016. For more information please visit: www.artsantafe.com